Real J.O.B – Press Release (I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll Music Video)


FOR RELEASE ON 5/31/2016

Press Contact:
Real J.O.B

Rock ‘n Roll is “the only one” for Real J.O.B
Santa Barbara, CA, May 31st – Exactly one year since his encounter with Spiderman and friends in Hollywood for the “Downtown” music video, Real J.O.B reveals a new look, a convincing determination and a highly spirited performance in the music video for the song “I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll” from his latest album titled Exposure.

The pseudo-documentary style music video captures the essence of the artist’s life over the past year as he persists to write and record music and as he aspires to develop the confidence to become an engaging performer.  Similar to the song, which is highly contrasting, the video shows the artist’s sense of self-doubt, and then his growing confidence as he embraces his power to better himself.

The song, which is the centerpiece of the Exposure album, was originally titled “I’ll be Alone.”  The turning point in the video is when the artist is shown re-writing the chorus lyrics from the original low-pitched “I’ll be Alone” to the piercing and dramatically high vocal “I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll!”

The music video, filmed and edited by Cliff Severn, takes the viewer into the artist’s life as he brings the song to life, and in the process develops his own sense of confidence.  In addition to his breakthrough performance, the singer and songwriter is shown sprinting along the beach, doing pushups and pull-ups, creating his image, and practicing his dance moves in his bedroom.

The “I Wanna Rock  ‘n Roll” music video will be released on Wednesday, June 1st @ 8pm and can be viewed on the Real J.O.B website:

Please contact Real J.O.B for more information.


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Real J.O.B – From “I’ll be Alone” to “I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll!”

The making of the song “I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll” is a good analogy to the making of my music career. It has been something that came out of a feeling, but was a complete surprise to me (and probably everybody else that knows me).

The song “I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll” was originally called “I’ll be Alone“.  The song is about missing somebody and letting them know that you’ll “be alone” waiting for them.

You can listen to the finished track “I’ll be Alone” here.

About a month after recording the song, I was in the shower trying to figure out how to make the chorus vocal more exciting, when the lyrics “I Want to Rock ‘n Roll” came out, and that was it…!

The soul of the song is still the same, thinking about a person that you really like, but instead of “waiting,” you are now “embracing” life.

I’m not waiting… “I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll!”

II'll be Alone lyrics

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Real J.O.B – first week on the job

January 11, 2016 marked the first day and week of my new full-time job performing music!

I had a blast getting out and meeting people, playing my songs, promoting my latest album, and playing covers of many classic songs.  This week has been a tremendous learning experience on how to open, be confident, figure out how to interest people, and to actually sell myself and my music.

The picture on the left was taken on my first performance – the location and time wasn’t great to have a captive audience but it was perfect for me to warm up and get my bearings going.  I earned just $2 for the 1.5 hours that I played.  I took a break and then moved to the Paseo location on State Street, which is a great spot, and earned over $20 for another 1.5 hour set.  First day, check!

By the end of the week I was selling a couple of cd’s each session, playing much better, connecting with people around me, and more than doubling my income of the first couple days.  So yes, street performing can be a “real job” for me.  The one thing that I love about it is that it is challenging, I am learning a lot, and I have the ability to experiment and really discover my strengths and how I can best make an impact.

Venues that have been working thus far are the Santa Barbara Pier (there are lots of visitors from around the world) and Paseo on State Street.  For the coming week I will be adding the Camino Real Marketplace in Goleta to my list of venues.  Until next time…!


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Real J.O.B – Downtown Music Video (Press Release)

FOR RELEASE ON 5/30/2015

Press Contact: Real J.O.B (email:,

Real J.O.B Goes to Work – Downtown.

Hollywood, CA, May 27th – Three years after his infamous Groovin’ music video, Real J.O.B emerged in downtown Hollywood to perform for his upcoming music video. This time completely clothed, the singer and songwriter was, ironically, decently exposed to perform the song “Downtown” from his third album titled Exposure.

Contrasting with the stark loneliness of Groovin’, the Downtown video features Real J.O.B dancing, smiling, and singing with an eclectic cast of characters including Spiderman, Captain America, and Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Johnny Depp even makes a brief appearance in the video.

The song was voted highest by listeners who participated in a music video contest held by Real J.O.B at the end of last year, taking 54% of the vote against the song “I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll”. “Downtown” was described by several listeners as having a “catchy beat”, with one listener quoted as saying “it had great musicality and catchiness with the guitar and trumpet sounds, that’s what won it for me.”

The music video, filmed and edited by Cliff Severn, was initially written and scripted as a short story, but was scrapped at the last minute for a more spontaneous, in the moment production. “After looking as objectively as possible at my last album and music videos, I felt the need to do some soul-searching and re-evaluation of my work,” explained the singer. “I wanted to do something fun and light-hearted, and connect with people on that level.”

The Downtown music video will be published on June 1st and can be viewed on the Real J.O.B website:

Please contact Real J.O.B for more information.


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Real J.O.B – Raffle Winners & Song Selected for Music Video

Here are results of the vote and raffle.

Downtown was the winning song with 46 out of 84 votes (54%). Thank you for the votes and comments!

Congrats to the following raffle winners:

**$100 Cash Grand Prize – Lillie Peterson

–$25 Cash Prize – Julia Lee, Yamen Alghrer

Real J.O.B t-shirt – Emily Barrey, Cyrena Malkowski, Ben Steiger
Exposure album – Tamara Yanin, Ramy Rabie. Scott
–lunch with Real J.O.B at Pascucci Restaurant (Santa Barbara, CA) for winner plus one guest – Douglas Pentland
–lunch with Real J.O.B at Buddha Bowls Restaurant (Isla Vista, CA) for winner plus one guest – Alycia Lewis
Thank you to the following sponsors:

The B BoutiqueBuddha Bowls, Pascucci Restaurant, Silvergreens, Steve Stockmal, and Woodstock’s!

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Real J.O.B – One day left to vote – it’s dead even between “Downtown” & “I Wanna Rock n Roll!”

Out of 66 votes, it’s currently tied at 33-33.

Which song do you like better?  Place your vote and you’ll be entered in the raffle .  There are eleven prizes including a cash grand prize of $100 (you don’t have to be present to win)!

details/audio links  at

The winning song will be the used to make an Exposure album-release music video.

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Real J.O.B – Comments on “Downtown” vs “I Wanna Rock and Roll”

I’ve been out meeting people to promote the Win $100 raffle, and looking to get as many people to vote for the song they like, “Downtown” or “I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll“.

Currently Downtown has 56% of the vote.

Which song do you like better?  Place your vote and you’ll be entered in the raffle – details at

Here are some comments on the songs:

-Of the 2 songs you posted (Downtown and I Wanna Rock’n Roll) my vote goes to I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll! Good luck and have a great day! -Ko K.

-Both songs are great but I really enjoy “Downtown.” Congrats on the new album! –Alycia L.

 -It was a tough decision. I love Downtown as it has a very catchy beat. But I would have to go with I Wanna Rock n Roll. Love your voice in it, the lyrics & the music. It has it all. I can just imagine an awesome video with this song! -Sherry D.

-And the winner is……..Downtown! –Gretchen G

-My favorite song from the album is Downtown. –Scott W.

-I like your song ‘Downtown’. Specially the lyrics. I listened to all the songs and I really like them. You have a very nice voice! –Kristina M.

-I liked listening to your new album, I love that you keep producing. Between the two, I would say I enjoyed the song Downtown on the whole more. It had great musicality and catchiness with the guitar and trumpet sounds, that’s what won it for me. Vocally, I think you sounded better in I Wanna Rock and Roll, but Downtown still takes it for me. -David W.

-Hi, I think the album is great and I personally prefer “I Wanna Rock n’ Roll” for the video!    -T. Jin

-I like “I Wanna Rock and Roll.” Hope you can keep going and never give up your dream, Good luck    –Jeff

-I think “I Wanna Rock n Roll” is better since it melody is cool and gets me excited. I think that it is the symbol of your attitude towards the Rock n Roll music. –Yuan L.

-Both songs are great! But go with “Downtown.” Best of luck!  –Cyrena M.

-Downtown would be my vote for the music video. So many concepts and ideas you can do for the video, and I love the lyrics of the song. –Michael A.

-I liked Downtown better 🙂  -Jennifer H.

-I liked both, but I think Downtown I liked better. Good luck with everything!  –Keegan P.

​-Hey! Dug the music. I think Downtown is my pick. Thanks for sharing your music!       -Charly C.

-My vote is for I Wanna Rock n Roll. Good luck!! –Chris B.

-I like “I Wanna Rock n Roll” more. Great music man, good luck! –Yamen A.

-I think “I Wanna Rock n Roll” is really catchy! “Downtown” could make for a fun video because you could really get out in the city to shoot it but I think that a video for “I Wanna Rock n Roll” could be fun too and I like that song best so I pick that one 🙂 –Bryn L.

-I like Downtown- it’s so catchy! My roommates and I have it on repeat. –Jane K.

-I just listened to both your songs. Downtown was such a great song. I can’t stop listening to it.  –Ramy R.

-Hi, Downtown is my song choice. it’s more of a dance beat is what I preferred over the other, but when I’m not in a dance mood, I’d prefer I Wanna Rock n Roll. –Shally D.

-I prefer “Downtown”   Cool music!  –Anthony T.

-I think you should do a video to Downtown!!  –Catalina A.

-I like Downtown better! –Sabrina F.


-I really like the Downtown song!  –Brad A.

-It was hard for me overcome all of the amazing guitar riffs on “Downtown” so that is the song that I like better! The falsetto is sounding great. Thank you for sharing your music with me.  –Justin L.

-Hey, in my opinion the “I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll” song is better  –Alex G.

-You know my answer:  It is always my favorite “Downtown”.  –Soupitak P.

-Downtown was better. –Eddie A.

-Hey nice songs. I liked “Downtown” a bit more than the other one. Good luck on your new album.  –Danny L.

-I like I Wanna Rock n Roll better 😉 –Emmy W.

-I like the “I Wanna Rock n Roll” song better. Good luck on making the music video!      –Yushi C.

-I really like both songs actually. “Downtown” has a nice alternative/indie vibe to it, while “I Wanna Rock n Roll” has some classic rock sounds. It was a very, very tough decision to make, but I think “Downtown” has the edge for me. I also think that it might fit better in a music video, since you already have the downtown background noises in it which could work well in certain settings. Hope this helps! Again, it was a very close call.  –Jason G.

-I like “I Wanna Rock n Roll” better that “Downtown”. Keep going strong. –Luis C.

-Viv and I vote for ” I Wanna Rock and Roll”! I dig the song and the lyrics. Let me know how it goes. Keep it up. Best wishes! –Hansel C.

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Real J.O.B – Exposure album released on August 11th, 2014

I am super thankful and excited to announce that my third album, Exposure, is now officially released on iTunes.   I am doing a promo for the next few months to get feedback to determine the song for the first music video.  Details on my website:

Real J

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Real J.O.B – Exposure Album to be released in August 2014

My third album, Exposure follows the anguish of Let Go (2010) and the uncertainty of Sex, Love, Pain, Hope (2012) with a more confident and upbeat vibe.  Exposure is about embracing the present, moving forward, and finding your own “home” in the world.

The writing dates back to April 2012, with the song “Extasy (The Fire in Your Heart)“.  I had the beginnings of a new song, and I can remember working on it at the ASCAP Annual Songwriter’s Conference & Expo in Hollywood, California.

Having recently completed my second album, I was excited about attending this conference and being exposed to other musicians, songwriters, and people in the music industry.  I had the opportunity to meet and network with up-and-coming artists, as well as famous musicians and producers such as Peter Frampton, Desmond Child, and Bruno Mars.

Hearing Dan Wilson speak about what it was like producing Adele’s album “21” and sitting about 15 feet away from him as he played “Closing Time” on acoustic guitar, the song that he wrote and that became an international hit with his band Semisonic in 1998, was amazing.

One thing that was surprising, and interesting, and funny at the same time was to hear from some of the biggest songwriters in the business, men and women in their 50’s, talking about and even performing the trendy pop songs that they wrote for the newest artists of the day.

The conference was completely inspiring.  At the same time, I realized that I have a long way to go if I want to have a chance at being successful in the music industry.  Everything I had done in my short music career of five years had been an accomplishment just to complete.  I realized now that I would need to really focus my efforts as I continued to move forward.

On my vacation in the summer of 2012 I went to Venice Beach and Third Street in Santa Monica to street perform.  I learned a lot by watching other street performers in my down time, and realized again that if I want to get recognized, I would need to develop an exceptional talent or skill that is unique to only me.

I wrote several more songs in 2012, and recorded a demo of a new song, “Heartbeat” in October of 2012.  The production of this song was a big improvement on anything I had done before, and would serve as a template for the production of my next album.

By the end of the year, I decided to focus all of my efforts on singing.  I downloaded about 40-50 backing tracks of songs that I knew how to sing.  Many of these songs were  challenging for me to sing and a little out of my range, but I was determined to improve.

By February of 2013, I had developed a couple of 25 song set-lists  and I took my singing act out to the street, this time with just a microphone and a small speaker that would play the music backing tracks.  I ended up earning about $300 in 6 weeks, which made me happy.  It was great practice and I felt that for the most part, people were appreciative of my efforts and service to the public.

I got to a point where I wasn’t making any progress, so I decided to focus my efforts on writing new music.   From May to June 2013, I locked myself up in my room after work and wrote the songs that would inspire my third album, “Exposure.”  By July, I was back out on the street, this time with an acoustic guitar and headset microphone, testing out the new songs, “Home”, “Why?”, “Obsession” and “YLM”.

In early August I recorded”Why?”.  “Why?” was the initial inspiration to do the album.  It seemed to pick up where my second album (Sex, Love, Pain, Hope) had left off, but in a more productive direction.  I then recorded “Obsession” and “YLM,”, experimenting with different sounds and techniques in the production, before leaving for a 3-week summer 2013 vacation.

I had the opportunity to sing “Let it Be“, the very first song that I learned on guitar in 2007, with the house band at my friend’s wedding in Poland in September of 2013.  I also read several books about writing and producing music during my travels.  I returned home with even more inspiration and right away began recording a new song called “I’ll be Alone”.  “I’ll Be Alone” became a year-long project, eventually evolving into the centerpiece of the album, “I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll“.

After re-writing the chorus lyrics and melody, and transforming the song into “I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll”, I struggled because the song was then too high for me to properly sing, although not impossible.  I went back out to the street almost daily, this time in a private area near a freeway, an area in which I could practice all kinds of singing exercises without bothering anybody.  The practice paid off, but it was slow progress.

As the new year rolled around, I made it my goal to complete the album recordings by the end of January.  As I took one final look into songs that I written and could consider for the album, I unexpectedly pulled out out two songs, “Downtown” and “Extasy (The Fire in Your Heart)“, songs that I had written in 2012 and forgotten about.  Ironically, I really liked the guitar sound and vibe that was recorded on the first try, and I decided that these two songs could possibly be the strongest songs on the album.

I spent every extra minute that I had in January, locked in my room finishing up the recording of the remaining songs on the album.  I wanted to have the best possible vocals that I could get, so I took my finished music tracks to Playback Recording Studio in early February and began to work on the vocals.  It was 8 weeks before I had completed the lead and backing vocals, and another 3-4 weeks to get the right mixes.  It was time consuming, and at times really frustrating, but completely worth it.  The album is far from perfect, but at this point in my career so am I.  I can say with confidence that I gave all of the elements  my best effort and I have no regrets.

Exposure has a much more upbeat vibe than my first two albums.  The album is about embracing the present, moving forward, being yourself, and finding your own “home” in the world.

Exposure (songs)

  1. Downtown  (written 8/20/12)
  2. Extasy (The Fire in Your Heart)  (written 4/17/12)
  3. Obsession  (written 11/26/12)
  4. Pink Dress  (written 7/1/12)
  5. I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll  (written 5/27/13)
  6. Why?  (written 6/11/13)
  7. Home (written 6/5-6/13/2013)
  8. YLM  (written 5/19/13)
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